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When you’re out on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. It is definitely annoying to constantly think about your belongings and worry about them being stolen. That would really dampen the mood of the trip significantly if you are always stressing about luggage.

Even when you’re not on vacation, a simple trip to the pool or gym can result in you worrying about your locker or bag.

AirBolt Smart Lock is the smart solution that aims to help you in not only keep your luggage safe but also give you your peace of mind back. We are doing an AirBolt Smart Lock review so that you’ll find a locking product that actually belongs to the future and not from an ancient era.

One of the biggest worries about traditional baggage locks is either remembering a number combination or keeping a key safely tucked on you at all times. Both of them are relatively secure but are not exactly convenient.

 And what if you forget the combination or lose the key during your trip? Well, then you’ll either need a locksmith or a bolt cutter to even access your belongings.

AirBolt Smart Lock Review

Opening locks with a key? Meh. With all these AIs and techs incorporated into smart home devices, it’s time to put every key aside and embrace unlocking locks with style.

AirBolt is advertised as being the “Truly Smart Travel Lock” and truly, I believe that statement is true.

Sure, AirBolt is not the only smart lock in the market. As a matter of fact, I reviewed a similar smart travel lock by Dog & Bone (the LockSmart Travel) early last year.

However, the AirBolt certainly has a more interesting set of features compared to the LockSmart Travel.

AirBolt Smart Lock Review – Packaging

AirBolt Smart Lock Review – Design & Features

AirBolt is 55mm wide and 16mm thick, making it a compact smart lock that you’d want to use. With a die-cast Zinc body along with a sturdy stainless steel rope, the AirBolt is solid and durable. The rope can be threaded through your bag’s zippers nicely.

Let’s get the basic, essential features covered. AirBolt is basically a small lock that you can attach to your luggage or bags (though not necessarily limited to bags and such) and can then be unlocked with your phone.

The idea is that you don’t need to use those tiny keys that tend to go missing when you need them, or using padlock with key combinations that you’d probably forget one day. AirBolt connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and that means it needs to have a bulit-in battery to power that.

AirBolt? What is it?

AirBolt Smart Lock is a technologically advanced lock system that helps you keep your things safe during travels or in day to day life. The major differentiating feature that distinguishes AirBolt Smart Lock from the competition is the lack of traditional locking mechanisms. 

You won’t need any number combinations or a key to unlock the AirBolt Smart Lock, instead, you will use your smartphone. 

That’s right, the system completely removes the need for memorizing combinations or keeping the key safe in your pocket adding to the bulk.

AirBolt Smart Lock uses Bluetooth connectivity and your smartphone to secure and unlock the lock

We all have our smartphones on us almost all the time, AirBolt is simply bringing our locks up to date. Not only the lock has a small footprint but is also chock full of smart features that will help you keep your stuff secure.

How Does AirBolt Work?

The premise is simple, you pair the lock with your smartphone via Bluetooth and that helps the lock identify original owner and lock.

There is also a mandatory companion app that gives you full control over the AirBolt Smart Lock. There is a small setup that you need to go through before the smart lock starts recognizing your device as the “owner” device and unlocks accordingly.

Airbolt how it works

The unlocking distance is also measured by the proximity of your smartphone to the lock. You can manually set this range up which is very useful when you need a bit of freedom and don’t want to even take your phone out of the pocket to unlock the lock. 

The range also helps in sounding the in-built alarm which can alert you and everyone around if the lock goes far from you. 

This means if someone is taking off with your bag, the lock will automatically start sounding an alarm that can alert everyone. You can also activate the sound alert manually if there is a need or you simply want to locate your luggage in a crowded terminal.

There are several features that help you in case your baggage is actually stolen or misplaced. These are all “what if” scenarios but it is always better to be safe than sorry and AirBolt Smart Lock provides exactly that. 

What if you lose your smartphone or drop it in a fast moving river? Well, you can simply borrow a smartphone from someone, log in to the app using your credentials and gain access to the lock again.

What if someone is smart as the smart lock and steals both your luggage and your phone? AirBolt Smart Lock companion app comes with a security PIN code to further secure the lock from unauthorized access. 

Overall it is a fully thought out product with redundancy measures built in so you don’t have to worry about anything.

AirBolt Smart Lock Review Conclusion

AirBolt was a successful Kickstarter project and reached 4 times of its original goal. AirBolt Smart Lock protects your luggage with a durable lock without the frustration of having to remember where you put your tiny padlock key, or the number combinations.

More than that, there is a smart, manual unlocking should your phone runs out of battery, or when the Bluetooth connection somehow gets flaky (my fiancee’s sister had this problem the other day where she could not open the LockSmart Travel from Dog & Bone with her phone app). Relying on a phone to unlock smart locks is one of the reason why I’m still afraid to use a smart lock for my luggage, but thanks to the manual unlocking option in AirBolt, I’m fully converted.

AirBolt Smart Lock Features

Of course, this wouldn’t be a genuine AirBolt review without trying it ourselves. I used this nifty smart padlock during the recent holidays and here are the features what I love about it.

  • Easy phone access. One of the problems that I have is keeping track of the mishmash of keys in my keychain. It currently has different sets of keys for the house, the car, and the motorcycle. It’s already mind-boggling enough to try to figure out which key fits which keyhole. And I don’t want to add an extra set of keys in there. Fortunately, it doesn’t require keys. It can be accessed and controlled using the free app. I’m less likely to lose it since I always have my phone with me. And if anything does happen to my phone, I have a backup code with me.
  • One app, multiple locks. A lock for my suitcase? Check. One for my gym locker? Check. One for my backpack? Check. No matter how many of these luggage locks I have, I can keep track of them all in just one app. No need to get confused with which one’s for which.
  • Proximity alert. This Bluetooth lock also features like an alarm in case someone tries to walk away with your belongings. Thankfully, it didn’t happen to me in real life, but I tested it out to see how it does it. The alarm works well and it sounded as I tested it by directing someone to take my bag and walk away. If the sound of the alarm can’t jolt you to your senses alerting you that some stranger is stealing your bag, then I don’t know what will.
  • Share access with friends or family. Sending your baggage to someone else? No problem! Lock it with this travel padlock and grant access no matter where you are in the world. You can configure the security settings and permissions through the app.
  • AES 128-bit encryption. You’ve probably heard it in the movies: “As long as it’s made by man, any other man can figure it out.” Hmm, not really. It’s true that anything can be hacked, but this Bluetooth lock is encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption. It’s similar to what banking institutions use to guard their money and data. If banks use it to guard money, then you can definitely trust it to guard your suitcase.
  • TSA approved All the fancy travel padlocks in the world would be useless if it’s not accepted by the TSA. Worry not, because AirBolt is approved by the TSA. Bolt cutters are not involved, don’t worry, because the TSA has a unique key that will allow them to open your luggage.
  • Unlocking notifications. It notifies you whenever your smart travel padlock is opened, how long it was unlocked, as well as the location of where it was unlocked. You can totally track it no matter where it lands and if anyone messes with it. Cool, right?
  • Rechargeable battery. It’s small and it packs a punch, but it doesn’t require too much power to function. This Bluetooth lock has a rechargeable battery that you only have to charge once a year. It comes with a micro USB cable when you buy it so you can charge it anywhere.

Overall rating

I’m rating it with an E for Excellent! It’s definitely useful and smart, and it’s perfect for my forgetful brain. It eliminates the need for keys or combinations by utilizing it as a Bluetooth padlock to unlock it. The tracking feature blew my mind because it keeps a record of when and where the AirBolt was unlocked. And my most favorite part is the proximity alarm. It has a steep price but I believe it’s worth it for a high-tech and heavy-duty lock. For me, it’s one, if not the only, one of the best luggage locks ever made and I enjoyed my experience with this AirBolt review.

AirBolt Warranty, and Returns

AirBolt doesn’t have a flexible refund policy. You get 30 days from the date of purchase to send the lock back in case anything is wrong with it. However, you can only do so if the unit is not opened, is unused and is in the exact same condition as you received it. Not off to a great start there.

If you get a defective or damaged AirBolt, you can exchange it for a new one. You’ll have to email and follow the process there. 

However, they can ask you not to return the AirBolt but instead show a video of the device malfunctioning. Even if it is approved, you will still have to pay for shipping it back. However, the new device will be free.

Final Words:

AirBolt ran a great crowdfunding campaign and managed to rake in 4 times of its purposed goal. It is a sturdy, reliable and easy to use product that helps you keep your belongings safe and secure.

There are multiple features that make it a well-round and fully fleshed out lock. The company has clearly put a lot of time in research and development of this great product. 

With its amazing battery life, manual unlocking system, TSA compliant, GPS Tracker, and proximity detection systems, AirBolt is one amazing smart lock that we wholeheartedly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirBolt Smart Lock

Can I use Airbolt with all phones?

You, you can. The AirBolt and modern phones use Bluetooth 4.0 connection which allows them to be connected.

Is the AirBolt app free?

Yes. It is entirely free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

What will happen if my smartphone battery dies or I lose my phone?

When that happens, all you need to do is sign in to your companion app, and you can change a bunch of settings regarding privacy and security, which includes your back up button code.

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