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Body Science Organic Vegan Protein is a supplement that helps consumers get the nourishment that they need, but without getting nourishment sourced from animals. The formula is available with a vanilla undertone for a better taste.

What is Body Science Organic Vegan Protein?

Getting the right amount of protein in the diet each day is essential to maintaining the health of the body. Consumers normally get protein from consuming meat, but there is a large group of people nowadays that follow vegetarian and vegan diets, which means they miss out on protein. Too many supplements fall short of their needs, but the use of Body Science Organic Vegan Protein helps to fill in the open gaps.

Organic Vegan Protein contains 100% natural sources, and the extraction process uses absolutely no solvents or chemicals. This formula offers a way to get necessary nourishment, even when there is absolutely no meat or meat products involved.

Read on to find out exactly where the protein comes from, and how it benefits consumers.

How It Helps

The Organic Vegan Protein only actually has two different types of plant-based proteins – peas and brown rice.

Pea protein has a wide range of amino acids, which many plant-based proteins lack. It helps with improving the health of the heart, and increases the thickness of muscle. It also is capable of balancing out blood sugar levels.

Brown rice protein helps with the sweetness, but it lacks in amino acids. In fact, it contains a much lower amino acid profile than what whey protein offers. It is impressively high in fiber, vitamin B, and vitamin E.

To ensure that the protein shake is appetizing, the remedy also includes vanilla and natural sweetening.

Using Body Science Organic Vegan Protein

Consumers only need to measure out about two full tablespoons to get the full effect of the protein. To dilute it properly, consumers need to blend it with 250 to 300mL of water. Mix it up with a shaker to avoid clumping.

If the user presently has a protein shake, they may want to consult with a physician during the transition.

Pricing For Body Science Organic Vegan Protein

The total cost of the Organic Vegan Protein is $89.95. With this purchase, consumers will get 40 servings of the product. However, the rate that the user will go through this dose will entirely depend on how often they use the protein supplement.

Consumers that engage in this remedy will need to speak with a representative, if they decide to return the product.

Contacting the Creators

Since vegan protein sources are not as popular in the supplement industry, consumers may have a few questions that they want to address before taking it. Anyone can call the company at 1-300-BODYSCIENCE.

There is no email address presently available to communicate electronically.

Body Science Organic Vegan Protein Conclusion

Organic Vegan Protein is meant for consumers that cannot or refuse to eat meat. However, with such a full amino acid profile, any individual with any dietary concerns will be able to benefit.

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