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Pregnancy is a pleasant moment for not only the bearer of the child but also those closely related. Unfortunately, it is a journey in which a pregnant mother is likely to undergo abnormal cravings, swelling and the duty to feed for two as opposed to one. The duties do not stop there, as mothers will then be required to breast feed their child after birth.

How can mothers ensure that their supply of milk is on par? Will it require one to consume teas and herbal supplements? Luckily, pregnant mothers no longer need to struggle about their milk supply as Boobie Bars have been created to do so in a natural and nutritional manner.

With every Boobie Bar, pregnant women can expect a milk supply increase of at most 4.6 ounces on a daily basis. Nutritionally speaking, each serving is believed to deliver a good source of healthy fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals. The following review will look closely at the Boobie Bar with respect to its purpose, active ingredients, and affordability.

What is the Boobie Bar?

The Boobie bar has been designed with the intentions of aiding lactating women achieve their desired supply of breast milk, while attaining essential nutrients as well. It is currently offered in oatmeal chocolate chip flavor that can fuel one’s protein intake and satisfy one’s sugar cravings.

Each bar is soft and chewy to replicate a typical snack bar without the unnecessary calories and preservatives. For those with specific allergies, one does not need to worry so much as each bar is said to be free from dairy and corn, non-GMO, vegan and fully loaded with fiber sources.

What Can Be Said About its Active Ingredients?

The active ingredients incorporated in the Boobie Bar include Turmeric, Moringa, and Coconut Oil to name the least. Here is a quick analysis of each ingredient in regards to its potential in aiding lactating women:


Turmeric is a popular spice in Indian cuisines and medicinal practices. It is highly known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can aid pregnant women by easing joint pain, swelling, and can prevent infections from occurring.


Moringa is said to be high in calcium, fiber, iron, potassium and other types of vitamins. This is especially important for pregnant and lactating women as their bodies require nutrients such as calcium, iron and folic acid in such times. One must keep track of how much moringa is consumed, as too much of it can lead to unwanted side effects.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is great for those looking to attain healthy fats. More specifically, it is derived from lauric acid, a type of anti-microbial that is also present in breast milk. Healthy fats are important as they contribute towards the growth and development of one’s child. Based on studies computed, it is believed that a mother can expect a 300% increase in breast milk because of the presence of lauric acid.

Other ingredients that gone in the making of the Boobie Bar may include flaxseed meal, shatavari, fenugreek and various types of spices.

 How Much Does Boobie Bar Cost?

A box of the Boobie Bar is said to contain 6 nutritional bars. This being said, its current going price is approximately $17.99. The price is fair given that pregnant mothers are acquiring the essential nutrients needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy. When considering its nutritional components, each serving contains a generous portion of fiber, sugar, proteins and carbohydrates for maximum satisfaction.

Final Thoughts on Boobie Bar

One thing that pregnant mothers should keep in mind is the fact that every decision made brings an impact to their infant. It is important to prevent the pains from getting into one’s head, while placing great emphasis on the positive factors.

In 3 to 5 days of consuming the Boobie Bar, pregnant mothers can expect an increase of 4.6 ounces in their breast milk. In addition to the increase, the supply of milk is said to be highly nourishing for infants.

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