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Cherry Works is a company that offers concentrated cherry juice to help with numerous health conditions, even with children. The brand has been around for over 10 years, and is sold in many health food stores around the country.

What is Cherry Works?

Cherries are an excellent source of nutrients, though they are intensely underrated. They have been a part of many cultures, and were even brought with settlers to the United States in the 1600s. There are tart and sweet cherries, which have very different flavors. However, the Cherry Works brand decided to harvest in Michigan farms to create drinks that support the taste buds and various health needs.

Cherry Works had just one flavor at the beginning, but the last decade of has allowed the creator to develop an additional four flavors for consumers. With these drinks, consumers are able to soothe many problems that occur in everyday life, like joint pain and sleepless nights.

The total cost of a 10-ounce bottle starts at $19.99 for any flavor. Realistically, consumers will need to drink this beverage every day to actually see results in their life. However, the moment that consumers open the product, it should be stored in the fridge to maintain freshness, if the user does not finish drinking it right away. All of the flavors can be mixed into smoothies, juices, or even soda for a more layered taste.

Cherry Works Formula Options

Read on below to learn about the five different options consumers have.

About the Original Formula

The Original formula has a tart taste, and contains many ingredients that promote reduced joint pain and inflammation, while promoting a healthier sleep schedule. The only flavor is the cherry concentrate.

About Exercise + Training

Exercise + Training combines the flavor and benefits of the Original formula with beet concentrate and turmeric. This blend should be used as a recovery remedy, and eases the soreness in the muscles after a vigorous routine.

About Kids Apple + Cherry

The Kids Apple + Cherry makes the tart taste a little more palatable without losing the benefits that cherries have to offer. The apple flavor makes the drink sweeter, ensuring that kids can get the same support for their bedtime routine and muscle soreness.

About Muscle + Joint

Muscle + Joint combines the original formula with a hint of cinnamon and honey, which are both great for soothing the soreness and stiffness in muscles and joints. Consumers over age 50 are often the most susceptible to these problems, which is what makes the concentrate so helpful.

About Sleep + Repair

Sleep + Repair is the last major concentrate, and it includes the help of valerian root, l-theanine, and chamomile for a calm and relaxed environment. Melatonin is often included in remedies for sleeping better, but cherries are actually one of the few foods in the environment that actually contains melatonin already.

Contacting the Creators

With so many healthy and useful blends, some consumers may feel more comfortable with reaching out to the customer service team for more details. The team can be reached by calling 800-939-3199.

Cherry Works Review Summary

Cherry Works is all about bringing consumers pure nutrients. While this company is not the most budget-friendly option for some people, the company states that the purified and organic substances involved are worth the money that consumers have to spend on it.

There are plenty of ways that consumers can combine the flavors, but some people may like to drink this beverage exactly as it is.

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