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Your digestive tract is among one of the most important functions your body undergoes on a regular basis. Meaning, every time you eat and/or drink something it sets it in motion. So, think about the last time you overate, or didn’t eat.

Perhaps you ate something greasy or there was a ton of fiber or gluten. Whatever the case is your body reacted. Sometimes they are subtle reactions and other times you may find yourself complaining of bloating or feeling gassy – maybe even heart burn or experienced diarrhea.

These are all signs and symptoms of your digestive tract. And, they are also great indicators of how healthy (or not) it is working for you.

About Digestive Freedom Plus

The doctor behind Digestive Freedom Plus makes a ton of accusations about what he believes have been myths that people have bought into for years. They are referred to as ‘Digestive Lies’. Let’s go through them.

‘Big Digestive Lie’ Number 1.

He states that heartburn is not in fact caused by too much acid in your stomach. The comparison he makes is that teenagers rarely se heartburn and they often eat worse than most people. So why is that? The website states that acid reflux, or heartburn, is caused by acid escaping from the stomach – not by the acid itself. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors treat the acid instead of the problem.

The website goes on to say that the simple answer is to strengthen the digestive system. But instead, people are taking antacids on a regular basis which in fact may be causing more bad than good. You need the acid in your stomach, what you don’t need is it escaping. You see acid, helps balance things in the stomach. It helps you digest your food and balance the process.

The Second ‘Big Digestive Lie’ Is That Fiber And Laxatives Are Good For Constipation.

This one may surprise you, it did us. We have always been told that eating more fiber helps keeps things regular or is a great way to alleviate pain associated with constipation. And now, it is suggesting we’ve been lied to all these years?

Well, looks that way. Apparently, researchers found that most people who suffered from constipation were on the ‘older’ side of years. And, on a study conducted they were all instructed not to eat any fiber. These people in the study were amazed. So to speak. Their irregular bowel movements went up to 3-4 in one day! Meaning they were removing all that unwanted stuff naturally – without fiber!

And, laxatives have always been one topic up for debate. To some degree it seems logical, but on the other side of things making your body do something it isn’t naturally prepared to do, can in some cases cause more damage. Stick with the way nature wanted things to be. Laxatives, probably not the greatest idea.

And, now we are on to what they refer to as Digestive Lie number 3.

‘A Good Probiotic Will Solve All Your Digestive Problems’.

Not sure exactly where that statement came from, but there are problems with probiotics in some instances. For example, if you are getting them through food sources, you are probably getting the wrong quantity or variety.

The ‘go-to’ always seemed to be yogurt, where in fact most yogurts don’t even have active cultures. So, without the active cultures you are not receiving the benefits of any probiotics. The website indicates that taking a probiotic supplement is probably done with the right intentions, but also do not contain the right amounts or variety.

Because, they were never designed to heal your digestive tract or address the critical elements of your liver and stomach. They aren’t a remedy to heartburn or indigestion. What is important according to the fine folks at Patriot Health Alliance is that you are taking something that will benefit you. Not something that will cause you more pain, ailments, long term concerns, etc.

Lastly, we have ‘Digestive Lie’ number 4. This one relates to saying you have digestive issues because you are not watching what you eat. In other words, stop eating gluten, no more dairy, etc. The doctor and team behind this product at Patriot Health Alliance believe this too, is a lie.

The website states that it is in fact impossible to know which foods are upsetting your stomach. One day you might be fine eating a piece of bread and other days it wreaks havoc on your system. They go on to say that even when you are trying to eat healthy, it is impossible to avoid things that have gut destroying ingredients inside them.

Now, we told you all that to say this. Dr. Lane Sebring who is part of Patriot Health Alliance and the Digestive Freedom PLUS product, says he developed the ten-second solution.

Digestive Freedom Plus Benefits

The benefits include:

  • Regulating acid in the stomach
  • Keeping things regular (bowels)
  • Renewing and Revitalizing your digestive tract
  • Eliminates gross symptoms of bad digestion
  • Stops gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, and more

In other words, you may have been taking a ton of other supplements and pills with little relief (of any). And, this product, Digestive Freedom Plus, will help you get back into better health.

People who have taken this product describe feelings of:

This is all in addition to, the benefits mentioned above. It is amazing what can happen when your digestive tract and system is treated the right way.

A full list of ingredients is available on the website, but in summary they include; milk thistle, peppermint, caraway seeds, lemon balm, curcumin, ginger, licorice, and many more. All of these ingredients are natural and designed to help improve your digestive system as holistically as possible.

How To Order Digestive Freedom PLUS

There are several different packages available starting with one bottle for $49.95 plus shipping through to five (5) bottles for $149.00 and free shipping.

The five (5) bottle package also comes with several bonus items that you can view on their website when you order.

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