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Typically, an individual’s self-confidence tends to go up when feeling good about said person’s appearance. For most people, looking good starts with a clean, and prim finish. For men especially, this can be tedious as the hair on their face tends to grow faster. Shaving multiple times a week can be frustrating as it can lead to cuts, in grown hairs, skin irritations, and much more. This is where the Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit comes into the picture.

The Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit claims to surpass the expectations of daily shaving, with supposed soothing lubrication and full 90-degree pivot. The purpose of this review is to help consumers distinguish the difference between the offerings found in the Classic Shave Starter Set from typical razors. Factors like its purpose, notable components, usage, and overall affordability will be considered along the way.

What is the Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit?

The Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit is a shaving kit that has been designed with the intent of revolutionizing one’s shaving experience. The 6-blade Executive Razor, and the shave cream paired together, may better one’s shaving outcomes leading to a smoother appearance and finish.

What Does it Include?

The Classic Shave Starter Set is said to contain the following items: one 6-blade Executive razor, one 3oz Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter, and four cartridges per month.

Its 6-blade executive razor is proclaimed to be made with 6 stainless steel blades, and a special trimmer. It is also said to be lubricated with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender, which are fundamental components that contain anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Aloe is known to be an active ingredient that reduces the appearance of redness. Furthermore, it may also contain a rich source of moisture that can regulate the skin’s hydration levels. Next, vitamin E and lavender are known to lead to softer skin. It’s shave butter is said to prevent in grown hairs, fight razor bump, and soften the hair.

How Does the Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit Work?

Purchasing a shaving set from Dollar Shave Club is slightly different from that of other retailers, as consumers will be provided with two boxes.

First one must select the set or razor of choice. The Classic Shave Set includes 6-blade razor and a shave butter. The second box is believed to contain cartridge replacements for either $3, $6 or $9 per month.

This not only allows one to have access to cartridges as needed, but it can also prevent one from replacing the entire razor. In terms of the delivery, it is said to be scheduled based on how long a cartridge can last. Lastly, in the event that one does not want to continue with the subscription, cancelling is of no concern.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest?

Consumers may expect to invest $5 for one Classic Shave Set. The consumer has the option to subscribe to their service in order to get replacement cartridges monthly at a fee of $9. This appears to be a fair price, as the razor and shave cream proclaim to enhance one’s shaving experience.

The Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit Final Thoughts

Overall the Classic Shave Set can be a valuable investment as it claims to ease shaving for individuals. Its ability to not only eliminate hair efficiently, but to also ensure common concerns like skin roughness and dryness and others are prevented from the start is commendable. In particular, the lubrication on the 6-blade Executive Razor is unique and rarely found in other existing razors.

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