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Sleep is important to one’s overall wellness. Without the rest needed, consumers will not only feel a lack of energy, but he or she is likely to experience reduced productivity levels and inability to focus and concentrate. What makes it worse is that, overtime, consumers will feel less and less confident about themselves.

According to Statistics Canada, at least 3.3 million Canadians are not able to meet the 8 hours required. While caffeine might increase energy levels, it does not necessarily heal restlessness. Fortunately, this is where the Dream Water Sleep Drinks may have the potential in bringing desirable results.

Dream Water claims to replenish and revitalize consumers, while maximizing the quality of one’s sleep. In particular, it has the ability to improve skin conditions, boost collagen levels and strengthen one’s hair and nail health. The following review will look closely at Dream Water with respect to its purpose, what is being offered, how it works and its overall affordability.

What is Dream Water Sleep Drinks?

Dream Water Sleep Drinks rose out of necessity, as an individual once had a hard time falling asleep. He later realized that beverages that induce sleep are less common compared to that of energy drinks. Ultimately, Dream Water was designed with the intentions of ensuring one’s sleep quality is on par. In addition to its potential in achieving restfulness, other factors like skin, nails and hair health have also been considered.

What makes Dream Water unique is their realization that one’s body undergoes repair while sleeping, therefore by providing sleep supplements, not only will consumers achieve sleep, but additional factors included can repair and rejuvenate other facets of the body as well.

What Does Dream Water Sleep Drinks Offer?

Dream Water Sleep Drinks carries a wide range of sleep aids that come in powdered and liquid forms. Here is a quick breakdown of what consumers can expect from each type offered:

Sleep Beautifully

As the name implies, Sleep Beautifully, is a beauty sleep aid that can allow one to naturally fall asleep. In addition, it can improve one’s skin, ease aging signs and can further improve one’s nails and hair health. The ingredients responsible for such benefits are believed to include Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Bamboo Silica Extract, Melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP, Choline Bitartrate and Juvecol.

Sleep Naturally

Sleep Naturally is responsible for putting one to sleep within a 30-minute timeframe. It is currently offered in two flavors, which include Nighttime Nectar and Snoozeberry. Other consumers have found it useful in treating physical pains as well, but this statement still has to be verified.

Sleep Powder

Like the Sleep Naturally, Sleep Powder is believed to contribute towards one’s ability to sleep. The single factor that differentiates the two is the medium of delivery, as the first one is in liquid form and the latter in powdered.

How Does Dream Water Sleep Drinks Work?

The key factors/ingredients that are responsible for the overall success of Dream Water are GABA, Melatonin, and 5-HTP.

GABA, which is short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, has the ability to help reduce anxiousness in consumers by preventing cells in the brain from going through impulses. Next, Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the brain. It is responsible for not only controlling one’s sleep, but also can reduce how often one breaks his or her sleep cycles. Lastly, the use of 5-HTP can ease insomnia, depression and anxiety. It works by replenishing serotonin levels, which is required to regulate one’s mood.

What Can Be Said About its Overall Affordability?

Its overall affordability ranges depending on the quantity purchased. Here is a quick prices breakdown:

  • Sleep Beautifully: $29.99 and $54.99 for 12 and 24 shots respectively
  • Sleep Naturally: $10.49, $27.99 and $50.39 for 4, 12 and 24 shots respectively
  • Sleep Powder: $6.99, $10.49 and $24.29 for 5, 10 and 30 powder sticks respectively

The prices appear to be fair given that consumers can choose between ingesting on a daily basis or as required. Similarly, the unique blend of ingredients have not only been incorporated to induce sleep, but also can improve other facets, hence making it a multipurpose supplement.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dream Water is definitely unique, as it can be bring desirable results on an individualistic basis. By targeting factors that might prevent one from sleeping, like one’s mood and emotions, Dream Water can potentially bring results.

Lastly, those who do not have trouble falling asleep can also benefit from its uses, as it can ease occasional sleep issues ranging from something as simple as taking a nap to jet lags. For more information, check out:

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