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If you are looking for the best portable selfie drone, the Drone 720x is what you need to check out and in this post, you will find a detailed Drone 720x Review!

A time ago selfie sticks were the most trending thing out there in the market, but now the time has changed, and drones are the new talk of the town. They are capable of taking good quality photos and videos. They help in filming tours, vlogs, and expeditions. The newly developed technologies that are integrated with the new models of drones have increased both their functionality and usability.

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Drone 720X Review: Drone 720X is a brand-new drone that has a high 720-Pixel Resolution Camera that shoots at 30 FPS. Drones are becoming more and more popular, and they are also typically very expensive. The Drone 720X is a drone that is designed to be high-quality and very affordable for the average person.

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The drone is a mini flying machine with a camera that allows you to get epic shots from various aerial views. It’s remote controlled so you can get shots from hard to reach places. The battery life on the Drone is a maximum of 8 minutes of flying and recording time. It’s a fast drone as well and flies at a maximum speed of 49 miles per hour. The remote for the Drone 720X has a maximum range of 70 meters.

Drone 720X

Another cool aspect of the mini flying machine is that once you learn the controls you can pilot it yourself and do some pretty cool aerial stunts. There are even people these days that race drones professionally. You’ll be able to perform stunts like flips and roles with this drone, all while taking crystal clear videos.

A lot of drones on the market are difficult to maneuver but with the Drone 720X you’ll be able to easily operate the drone. There are easy to understand and learn flight controls that are built into the drone. Apparently, they make it much easier to control and keep steady than other drones that have been released on the market.

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The camera on the drone is designed to help with stable video output. You’ll be able to record and capture all of your amazing flying adventures you go on with the drone. And with high-definition, crisp and clear 720-pixel resolution, the photos and videos you take will be absolutely top of the line. Another cool aspect of this drone is the ability to stream live video. If you have a smart phone or iPhone, you’ll be able to stream the video directly to it, so you can watch all of your videos in real time. You’ll literally be able to watch the world fly by as you go.


There is another really cool feature on this drone as well. You can set the altitude with a simple control. That means when it’s configured to your liking, you can easily hover the drone over the altitude you set without having to worry about controlling it too much.

And with the live streaming view, you’ll be able to film objects that are moving. Live streaming is ideal for filming moving targets with the Drone 720X. Even if it’s a fast-moving target, the drone has a built-in collision protection software, so you don’t have to worry about it hitting things along the way. And you don’t have to be a professional to understand how the drone works. It’s designed for people who have never flown a drone before. First time flyers and kids will love the simplicity of how it operates. And apparently, you’ll be able to have all kinds of fun and games when you learn how to use the Drone. It’s not just for kids though. It’s great for experienced drone pilots as well.

You can get the drone in a couple different colors. There is a black and white version, but it is currently out of stock on many websites. The other version is a black and blue version. The drone itself only weighs 85 grams. And it is a very affordable price to purchase one of the 720X drones. Typically, they’re being sold for nearly $200. But right now, they have a special offer, single units are 50% off and you can pick them up for only $99. There is free delivery with the drones and there are only a limited number of them.

There are other cool options when buying as well. If you buy two of them, you can get them for only $64 each. And if you buy three of them, they are only $57 each. When buying four the price drops down even further. Ten drones are even cheaper, and again at 15 and finally 20. When you pick up 20 of the DroneX models, you get them for only $47 each.


The drones are said to be built tough. They can take a few knocks and still keep running solid. They assure people not to worry about crashes as they are said to be some of the toughest drones on the market. If you’ve ever thought about getting a drone, this could be the right one. You don’t need to have a bunch of experience when you start to use it, you just need to follow some simple steps to get the drone operating correctly. It’s said to be one of the easiest drones to fly and is ideal for people of all ages.

Drone 720x Review – All you need to know

The Drone 720x is a brand new piece of pure technology that will help you in taking high-quality photos with the 720-pixel high-resolution camera that can shoot at 30 fps. The quality of the image generated will surely satisfy your expectations, the drone is capable of clicking steady shots, and it can also have an amazing smart shooting mode in which it captures multiple shots. The controls of the drone are straightforward to understand, and you will get used to them in no time.

The drone uses a 0.3-megapixel camera which has a CMOS sensor 1/ 2.3 and can move with speeds up to 50 km per hours. It has a 500-meter coverage range in which it can deliver you accurate Ariel shots from a bird’s eye view. The camera will provide you with 1080 pixel resolution which makes the drone best for capturing precious moments of life in the form of fluctuating free recordings.

This drone can be controlled by remote so that you can take shots from hard to get places. The drone can fly and record for a maximum time duration of 8 minutes. Another cool fact associated with this mini flying drone is that once you get used to the controls of drone, you can be the pilot and perform some amazing stunts which will result in amazing shots from Ariel view. No matter if you are performing flips and roles, you will get fantastic crystal clear shots.

The camera of this flying machine is specially designed to deliver stable video outputs. The camera will give you the ability to capture and record amazing flying adventures with a high definition, crisp, and crystal clear 720-megapixel resolution. The photos and videos will be of top-notch quality and clarity.

This Drone 720X Review also has the ability of not only recording high definition videos but also to stream the video live directly to your smartphone, whether it is android or IOS. The video will be directly streamed in your phone for you to watch it in real time. You will get the experience of watching the world fly by as you go. With this feature, you will be able to record videos of the objects that are not stationary. Even if the target is fast moving, you don’t have to worry about it colliding and damaging. The drone has a built-in collision protection software which will protect it from taking any damage by a collision.

The other cool feature of this drone is the control settings for altitude. The drone can be configured to work according to the pre-set likings; the drone will hover in height without you being worried about controlling it too much. You can easily be able to control the drone without being an expert as it is designed for the people who have never flown a drone before.

The drone is available in a couple of different colors. The black and white version has a very smooth design theme while the black and blue version has a slightly sporty and funky design. The drone is very easy to carry as it weighs at just about 300 grams. with an ABS plastic construction, this is one of the lightest drones available in the market.

The drone also has some built-in modes to improve your experience while taking shots. These include modes like a return to home, tap fly, spiral flight and circle flight. With these modes, you will be able to get some cool looking cinematic shots.

Drone 720X Review

The main points of the Drone 720X review are given below:

  • The drone is controlled by an application which you will be able to download just by scanning the QR code.
  • The drone is very easy to control using the gesture control mechanism. This mode allows you to control the movement of the drone through your hand gestures. This will be a cool party trick to show off in front of your friends.
  • The adequately long range of the drone allows it to reach and take shots from places that are otherwise unreachable. If you want to make amazing shots from different creative perspectives, you will surely like the drone 720X
  • The drone can record and fly continuously for 8 minutes which is much higher from many other products available in the market.
  • The lightweight design and high technology give a very smooth flight. You can also get live streaming of the videos on your smartphone to get the instant feedback of how the video will be going to look like.

Being able to control your phone via a mobile application is probably the coolest thing ever. You can hover the drone wherever you want by setting the altitude settings or move drone to a target location by just using the mobile software.

Drone 720X Battery Review

If we talk about the battery life review of the drone, it uses a lithium-ion battery which is very durable. The battery is of 3.7V which gives it the ability to withstand a flight of 8 minutes duration. This might not sound very impressive; however, if you will compare this with the other products available in the market, you will find these figures very interesting.

Conclusion – Drone 720X Review

It will not take too long for you to understand and learn how to control the drone. You will soon be able to maneuver the drone and perform many stunts and will be capturing panoramic views of the surroundings. The interface of the software is designed for the people who have never flown a drone before; it is effortless even for kids, they will enjoy taking pictures of family and pets.

Considering the camera quality, it is more than enough to capture beautiful aerial pictures and you don’t have to risk yourself to climb to a higher spot to get the perfect shot, the drone will get there for you!

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