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Tired of having to constantly refill water bottles? Need a way to ensure daily water and supplement intakes are met? Elite Labs USA has been delivering nutritional supplements for the past 20 years.

Whether it entails pre or post workouts or protein infused formulas, they’ve developed them all in the hopes of satisfying the needs of exercisers of varying goals and training methods. Today, Elite Labs has created an accessory that ensures consumers are hydrated at all times and it is called the Mega Mug.

The following will look closely at the Elite Labs USA Mega Mug with respect to its purpose, main features and current going price.

What is the Elite Labs Mega Mug?

As the name implies, Elite Labs has recently released its own version of a Mega Mug. What makes it superior to other water bottles, is its ability to hold up to 2.6 litres of liquid, making it one of the largest to ever exist. Its uses are beneficial as it allows one to remain hydrated, especially when spending long hours outdoors or training.


The Elite Labs Mega Mug is unique because it contains a dual purpose. In addition to its ability to hold large amounts of water, it can be used to hold powdered supplements. Its lid has been built to take on similar properties to that of a shaker, and it contains a plastic handle that makes it easy to carry. Its color scheme is said to match that of the Elite Labs’ logo, which is a blend of black and red.

Most importantly, quality has been considered in its design, as it claims to be leak-proof. More information on the material used and whether or not it is BPA-free is yet to be disclosed.

How Much is the Elite Labs USA Mega Mug Going Price?

The current going price of the Elite Labs USA Mega Mug is approximately $9.99. The price is definitely comparable as most large mugs range between $16 and $22.99. For those who are interested in purchasing Elite Labs’ mug, as of now, it is only offered via Amazon.

Elite Labs USA Mega Mug Review Summary

Elite Labs’ has been widely known for their ability to bring immense size in every supplement offered thus far. To kick things up a notch, Elite Labs USA Mega Mug is believed to be a true representative of the brand itself.

Furthermore, its ability to hold 2.6 litres of liquid and the potential to create smoothly blended supplements is influential; making both maintaining hydration levels and consistency of supplements intake achievable. For more information, check out:

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