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The Elliptical Stroller is a device that allows consumers to get a calorie-burning workout, while they take their small children on a walk. The device is presently not available for purchase online, but consumers can get ahold of the customer service team to learn more information.

What is the Elliptical Stroller?

When there is a child under 1 year old in the household, every parent will find it difficult to get the desired workout in. Whether the individual is a stay at home parent, or they have work outside of the home, parenting takes a lot of time, leaving little room to take the time for a workout without interruption.

Women experience the worst of the weight issues, since pregnancy comes with weight gain and inhibits the individual’s desire to get involved in physical activity. Since most men and women take their child out in the stroller during the day anyway, take the opportunity to get a workout in then with the Elliptical Stroller.

Elliptical Stroller is an innovative design that helps consumers to get in a workout while still walking with their child. With this kind of activity, women can slowly build up confidence in their physical abilities, losing the weight that they gained during pregnancy. However, exercise also improves endorphins that help to reduce the amount of stress that the new mother experiences, and they do not have to sacrifice time with their new baby to do that.

This device is the first of its kind, and can even be used for pets that can no longer walk. With compartments to store water, a diaper bag, and anything else that the user may need during their outing, this stroller may literally “have it all.”

How It Helps

An elliptical workout is more beneficial than a simple stroll for a few reasons. Specifically, this type of regimen improves the number of calories burned, which means that the user can lose weight more efficiently. However, the main thing missing from a gym workout is exposure to the clean air and the sunlight outside. By combining these two activities into one device, consumers get the best of all worlds.

Using the Elliptical Stroller

The Elliptical Stroller is incredibly easy to use, because it just takes a little folding to make the transition between stroller and elliptical machine. The full directions on how to adjust the product will be listed with the shipment, but the process is very user-friendly.

The user needs to put their feet down on the pedals, and then fold the handles into the “athletic position,” which is depicted in directions. Then, the user just started moving the pedals as if they were on an elliptical machine, moving the stroller forward. Basically, this product helps consumers to take their normal walk with their child, while getting a more expansive workout.

Pricing For the Elliptical Stroller

The main downside of the website is that it does not provide a price, or even show a way to purchase the product at all. Instead, consumers are encouraged to reach out to the customer service team for additional questions.

The only way that the customer service team can be reached is by filling out the form at the bottom of the homepage.

Elliptical Stroller Conclusion

The Elliptical Stroller is meant for any parent that wants to work out, but wants to still spend time with their child. The device is easy to use, and it functions simultaneously with both settings, though consumers can opt for just a regular stroller ride, if they do not want the extra calories to burn.

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