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Is It really a surprise when you hear that your heart health is of the utmost importance? Probably not. And yes, hypertension is at an incredible high with more people being forced to turn to prescription medications and blood pressure treatments to help manage and control further damage. The trouble with this is that is that by this point there is already a problem and chances are they quickly become irreversible.

Genius Heart recognized that prevention would be a better option. Thus, created a product that is deemed a scientific breakthrough in cardiovascular health. It is said that this all in one formula has never been seen before. Not to mention it can benefit both men and women whether they are suffering from varicose vein pain, high blood pressure or cholesterol or simply looking for a boost in their endurance and overall health and wellness.

What Makes Genius Heart Antioxidant Support Different?

This product as mentioned above, was designed for both men and women as an effort (or solution) on managing cardiovascular health. It works to target several areas of this;

And it focuses on all these areas because they are all important to the overall health and wellness of the heart and its functions.

Blood Pressure Health And Support

Unfortunately, the easy fix has always been turning to prescription methods to control this. And, we are now in a world that this is not the answer that everyone wants to take. In fact, more people are turning to alternative health methods to manage ailments and troubles with their health. This is where Genius Heart thrives. It contains grape seed extract that has been tested several times in its effects in combating high blood pressure and hypertension.

Joint Support

The Genius Heart product contains ingredients that help boost nitric oxide. This is great for men and women who seek help in building muscles and ultimately widening blood vessels and improving blood flow. When this occurs, it can lead to improved exercise because there is a higher rate of protein synthesis.

Cognitive Function

Familiar with brain fog or lack of motivation because your brain is telling you not to bother? Perhaps you have trouble focusing and as a result your performance and/or productivity lack in various areas. Genius Health was formulated to help improve this mental fog and bring you more clarity. When your mind is clear, the rest of your body can function at more optimal levels thus improving your cardiovascular health.

Cellular Energy

Referred to as smart energy, Genius Health helps restore coQ10 levels which is an essential part to the electron transportation system in your body. Once these levels improve, your organs including your heart, work better. This has been clinically validated and is designed with a 24-hour time release technology.

Cholesterol Levels

In a triple blind study, Genius Health exceeded all expectations when it came to healthy cholesterol levels. With clinically studied ingredients, there was a significant decrease in cholesterol levels and as a result heart function improved among other organ functions.

Purchasing Genius Heart & Cardiovascular

Each container of Genius Heart and Cardiovascular supplement comes with a thirty (30) day supply. It is proudly made in the United States and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are several verified customer reviews available on the Amazon listing where you can place your order for the Genius Heart product.

This product retails for $34.99.

Isn’t it time you reclaimed your heart health, and started becoming more familair with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and organ function?

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