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Do you ever wonder why it’s difficult to go back to sleep after waking up in the evening for a quick bathroom emergency? There’s actually scientific reasoning for that!

According to studies, when your eyes are exposed to an abrupt bright light, it causes a decrease in Melatonin production, which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. This happens when you turn on the bathroom switch in a pitch-black setting—your eyes wouldn’t have any time to adjust to the sudden flash.

Inconvenient, right? Not to worry! There’s a new product in the market that can help you find the bathroom in total darkness without having to flip the lights on!

GlowBowl Review

GlowBowl first raised eyebrows in 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that launched in May of that year. It has been described as a high tech gadget for your low tech toilet.

GlowBowl is a simple enough design: It turns on when you enter and it automatically shuts off when you leave. You can choose among 7 LED lights to set the light and mood that suits you best. Available lights include blue, green, red, white, aqua, yellow, and purple. There is also a dimmer which allows you to set the brightness, along with a “Carousel Mode” which can cycle through all the colors.

When the light is activated, it produces a soft, warm atmospheric glow in your bathroom, which is far more desirable than flipping on glaring bright lights in the middle of the night.

It offers a number of features, such as motion detection, a 5-stage dimmer, and being water resistant. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which seem to last an ample amount of time, given the low-power LED lights and minimal time it is in use.

The As Seen on TV offer costs $13, which would be an excellent bargain if consumers weren’t forced into paying another $13.98 in obligatory (and non-refundable) shipping costs for two units. You may want to opt to buy it from in order to just get a single unit and forego the double offer.

Besides the unfortunate shipping costs for the As Seen on TV double offer, GlowBowl is an excellent product that no one really needs, but almost everyone will enjoy.

GlowBowl is not the only game in town. Another bowl light has been advertised in recent weeks in the form of BowlLight, which appears nearly identical to GlowBowl. Even Bidet Buddy included a light to compete with this new crop of toilet bowl lights on the market. You may have also seen a product called IllumiBowl on Shark Tank, which GlowBowl Facebook reps verified is not the same product. Because GlowBowl seems to have been around since 2011, it would appear that this is the “original” toilet bowl light. If you have information to confirm or refute this, please let us know.

The reviews to GlowBowl are uniformly positive, and its popular Kickstarter campaign demonstrates the enthusiasm for this product. There have been a few complaints about the product not working after a short period of time, but we have not encountered this problem.

What Is GlowBowl Fresh?

Introducing the world’s only toilet nightlight, GlowBowl Fresh!

Say goodbye to blinding lights when you need to go for a bathroom break late at night. With GlowBowl Fresh, this LED motion-activated device will literally light up the toilet automatically, so you can go there with ease and hit your mark without fail. 

You can pick from any of the device’s 13 vibrant LED colors or set it on Color-Carousel mode for an amusing glow. It also comes with a built-in air freshener that will make your emergency trip soothing to the senses for a fresh scent 24/7.

Going to the bathroom is now more fun than ever!

How GlowBowl Works

Transform your toilet into a great smelling nightlight in three easy steps!

Step 1:Insert Air Freshener – Open the air freshener and insert it into the GlowBowl Fresh.

Step 2:Set Up Device – Hook GlowBowl Fresh on your toilet bowl and choose from the 13 LED colors or set it on Color-Carousel Mode.

Step 3:Let it Glow – There you have it! Its motion-detecting system will automatically light up the toilet bowl and release a fragrant aroma every time you are nearby!

What Makes GlowBowl Fresh Different?

GlowBowl Fresh is produced by the original manufacturer of toilet lights. This veteran maker then proceeded with this device which allows you to play with 13 vibrant LED colors for a colorful glow in the dark.

Aside from that, it has a built-in air freshener inside, too; giving you a two-in-one action for a comfortable bathroom break at night. This is especially useful in keeping the place smelling fresh and fragrant 24/7.

Best of all, GlowBowl Fresh is designed to fit all kinds of toilet bowls! Regardless of its size, you can install the nightlight in just a few seconds.

Forget about using a traditional air freshener. This sophisticated device will turn your bathroom into an oasis and act as the guide in lighting your way to the toilet at the same time! No more inconvenient bathroom breaks at night for you or your loved ones!

Key Features Of GlowBowl Fresh

There are several key features of GlowBowl Fresh that prove its superiority among all its competitors in the market.

  • Motion-Detecting System – As mentioned, you don’t need to turn on the lights to use the bathroom. GlowBowl Fresh has a motion-detector that automatically glows up the toilet when you’re nearby—even in the darkness!
  • Water Resistant – Afraid it will get wet? It’s absolutely water-resistant and can be cleaned with any household cleaners.
  • Fragrant Smell 24/7 – GlowBowl Fresh has a built-in air freshener that can be replaced at any time. This gives you a long-lasting fragrance for maximum odor protection.
  • Perfect for Kids – Most children are afraid to go to the bathroom because of the dark, but, with GlowBowl Fresh, its fun and vibrant colors will even make emergency bathroom trips amusing!
  • Visible Target – This nightlight makes it easier to see the toilet in dark. You can even set it to your favorite color or with the carousel mode which rotates colors automatically every 4 seconds!
  • Easy Installation – GlowBowl Fresh is very easy to set-up. In fact, it will take you only a few seconds to have your toilet nightlight ready!
  • Easy To Clean – It has a water-resistant casing that can be cleaned easily with any cleaning products.
  • Brightness Control – Too bright? Too dim? You can adjust the brightness of GlowBowl Fresh with its 5-stage dimmer. That way, you can turn up the brightness accordingly, so you can see the toilet bowl without hurting your eyes.

How Much Does GlowBowl Fresh Cost?

You might think a genius two-in-one product such as this one would cost $30 to $50, but GlowBowl Fresh cost only $19.99! At just a low price, this affordable device will surely lighten up the way during emergency bathroom breaks for you and your loved ones.

A pair of movie tickets are even more expensive than GlowBowl Fresh! Invest in this nightlight motion-detector instead and you’ll get nights of peaceful slumber and hard-to-miss toilet trips that are both aesthetically-pleasing and fragrant all around.

This makes for a great holiday gift under $20, which we’re sure people of all ages would genuinely appreciate.

Final Words

We are sure that you’ll love this product. Regardless of age, you will appreciate the functionality of GlowBowl Fresh. Many will agree on this because this lighting device has been voted as the most affordable gift in the market.

Don’t just stand there! Go to the official website and experience convenient late-night bathroom trips with this revolutionary toilet night light.

Frequently Asked Questions About GlowBowl

If I buy more than 1, will they come individually packaged?

Yes. No matter how many you buy, each GlowBowl Fresh will be individually-packed—perfect for gift-giving!

What does the air freshener smell like?

Imagine a field of lavender with the cool breeze heightening the aroma. That’s how fragrant your bathroom will smell once you install it.

Is GlowBowl Fresh easy to clean?

It is very easy to clean. Each product is made with an ultra water-resistant seal that you can clean without worries using any household cleaners.

What colors are included?

You can choose among the following: Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Aqua, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, and many more. There are 13 all-in-all. If you can’t decide, set it on Color-Carousel mode and colors will rotate automatically every 4 seconds.

Is it water-resistant?

Yes. Its seal makes it resistant to any unexpected splashes or exposure to liquids.

What colors are included?

You can choose among the following: Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Aqua, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, and many more. There are 13 all-in-all. If you can’t decide, set it on Color-Carousel mode and colors will rotate automatically every 4 seconds.

How do I change the color?

Continuously press the button in front and stop on the color that you want to use.

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

There is a 5-stage dimmer with GlowBowl Fresh. Just press the dimmer button to activate the lights. Once it’s turned on, hold the button until it blinks and then cycle through the brightness level that you prefer.

What is the Carousel Mode?

The Carousel Mode is for those who can’t decide which color to choose. This mode allows rotation of colors every 4 seconds for a livelier and popping colors.
To set, simply press the button and cycle through the colors until one of the colors in the rotation starts blinking.

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