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This company, was created and is based on four (4) key principles that you will see as a common trend throughout this article. They wanted to create an opportunity that would allow people from all walks of life to participate in products and/or services that would help them feel better and even create financial health by way of monthly, residual income.

They founded the company on the principle that all corporate decisions, would be geared towards the success, wellness and happiness of the distributors and customers. Healthy Habits Global believed in being able to deliver exceptional products and personal attention to others. They also committed to providing a compensation plan that would help others achieve financial wellness through the distribution of their products.

The leadership possesses more than fifty (50) years of combined experience in the direct sales and marketing industry including having earned millions of dollars as distributors of such industries. Although they received tremendous benefits and income as distributors, they wanted to be able offer even more, to the communities.

Healthy Habits Global Herbal Extract Infused Products

There are three (3) different product line categories when it comes to Healthy Habits Global there are;

  1. HHG T.A.G.G.
  2. HHG FIT
  3. HHG World


This product line is made of the three (3) most powerful herbs on the planet;

  • Ganoderma
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Tongat Ali

These three (3) herbs were extracted and incorporated into the HHF products. The impurities were removed leaving only the most powerful nutrients. Together, the focus is to enhance the benefits of the mind, body and soul with their consumption through the array of products. The nutrients are delivered by way of beverages that many of us already enjoy, HHG has simply found a simple and enjoyable way to consume them regularly.

The benefits of this product line include (but not limited to);

  • Prevention of anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • Prevention of various auto immune diseases including fibromyalgia
  • Prevention and treatment of fevers, hangovers, headaches
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-candida
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Increased libido, sexual drive, and prevents erectile dysfunction

Products include; black coffee, blended coffee, cappuccino, gourmet chai tea, energy drink, and hot chocolate. Each of the products retail for less than $25.00 each, and also come with a preferred customer price of under $16.00. The preferred customer price refers to those customers who commit to a monthly order of the products at huge savings.


This category is designed to help create a healthier you. The concept, is to bring innovative and nutritional products that have yet to be seen in this industry. They are made of ingredients that will help change your life and the lives of others around you through the quality and purity.

The HHG FIT line can help with;

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Depression

.. and more.

It Is described as a complete balanced nutrition that helps optimize performance and assist with healthy weight loss.

There are four (4) different products in this line;

  1. Pure Complete
  2. Cardio Boost
  3. Pure Life
  4. Fruits and Veggies

As each of the product names would suggest, they all cater to a different component of your wellbeing. The Pure Complete, which retails for $99.95 ($84.95 preferred customer price) and offers a variety of benefits that encompass complete and well balanced nutrition.

The Cardio Boost retails for $59.95 ($49.95 preferred customer price) and works to improve cardiovascular health, enhance your sleep, regulate blood sugar levels and support your immune system.

The Pure Life product unfortunately does not have any information on the website, but you are encouraged to contact a representative from Healthy Habits Global for more information.

And lastly, the fruits and veggies product. These two (2) products are made without herbicides and pesticides and have been put through a vigorous process to ensure the whole food is extracted. They are delivered in the most concentrated and healthy form available. When following the suggested servings, you are essentially receiving up to 15 full servings of fruits and vegetables through this supplement. They retail for $54.95 with a preferred customer price of $49.95.

HHG World

This product line is geared to helping to protect the planet for the future generations to come. One of the products here is the GF2 Fuel which is said to increase your fuel economy and reduce global emissions. It should provide better horsepower, better performance, longer engine life and more.

Described as a complete solution for your car’s engine. And, because this will result is spending less money on fuel, you will also have to spend less money maintaining it. Not only this a great product for you now – but will be for the future and beyond. Going green is a trendy topic, and sure – we can reduce waste in food packaging, drink better water, stop smoking, etc. but have we ever considered the amount of pollution and toxins as a result of driving?

Every little contribution helps and if this product works as described, it is more than a little!

Healthy Habits Global Summary

Overall, if any of these products sound like they would benefit you and/or those around you – there is a plethora of information available based on the sciences, manufacturing, and so much more. The website is incredibly thorough is most areas and it would appear they can also put you in touch with a distributor if you don’t already know one.

And, perhaps you are interested in becoming a distributor – that can also be arranged. If you are going to be using the products and telling others how amazing they are, you may as well get compensated for it too, right?

Healthy Habits Global appears to have strong years of industry experience, a passion for helping others in all areas of wellness and a commitment to now, and the future ahead.

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