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Humon Hex is a system that helps consumers to learn to workout in the best way, but while tracking the progress with a convenient band around the thigh. Consumers can make this one-time purchase to get the materials, but they will need to download the corresponding app to track the information about their routine.

What is Humon Hex?

Everyone thinks that they know the best way to work out, but the only way to truly know the efficacy of a workout is to be able to track progress on the body. Progress is not just measured in the number of steps someone takes, or the weight that someone lifts. Instead, the real progress shows itself through what is happening under the skin, whether it is the flexing of muscles or the heart rate. While there are many devices that track the heart rate and other details, Humon Hex takes it a step further.

Humon Hex offers a way to get constant training tips, which are completely in accordance with the physical activity that the user takes on. By strategically attaching the thigh band to the leg, consumers can track and train with the details on the app and on the website. Once the user logs in, they will get help with:

  • Improving intensity to reach each goal at a faster pace
  • Reducing intensity to keep the user from overexerting themselves
  • Creating a regimen that is specific to the user’s needs

Realistically, most people take on more than they should at the gym and while out on a run. Unfortunately, when consumers take the remedy too far, they put themselves at risk for damaging the muscles or worse. On the over hand, working out weakly is just as good as not working out at all. Read on below to learn how to get the most results from their workout routine.

Using the Humon Hex

When using the Humon Hex, the user will need to wear it on their thigh. As they go through their physical activity, the device will send information to the app, and will help consumers get both audio and visual guidance on their routine. At the end of the workout, consumers will need to visit the app to learn more information about the workout, and how the body reacted to it.

The reason that the app is so unique is because it works in real-time, recording simultaneously as it helps to instruct the user. In fact, the user can gear up for their warm-up routine, maintain their pace, and record the recovery process without changing any settings on the Humon Hex.

Pricing Information

The total cost of the Humon Hex system is $295. There is no subscription required for use, so consumers should not have other charges associated with the device.

If this product does not work for the user’s needs, then they will have up to 15 days to return the product for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of Humon Hex

The website has an incredibly thorough help section, so nearly any question that a consumer could think of is found there. However, if the user manages to come up with something that they want to learn from a representative, they can send an email to

Humon Hex Summary

Because of the way that Humon Hex offers workouts and tips, it is essentially geared towards anyone that wants to improve their workout. The product is meant for adults, but the user just has to strap on the thigh device to get the recommendations.

Unfortunately, the website does not indicate the size that the strap goes up to, but specific questions like this one can be sent to customer service.

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