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Every woman and even men have had the experience of walking alone either in the evening or late hours of the morning and feeling uncomfortable. While such a situation is not always a cause for concern, there are still risks involved.

Those who are concerned about threats, but who still want to maintain their sense of independence, may want to consider a new safety tool that they can add to their collection that may work to keep them protected during those uneasy moments.

With that, this review would like to introduce the Invi Bracelet. This is a non-violent self-defense tool that users can simply wear on their wrist and that will repel threatening individuals with the use of smell.

What is Invi?

The Invi Bracelet is a new and unique resource that may be able to keep one protected while they are walking alone or even with a group of people. The bracelet is a revolutionary product that applies the power of smell to deter those who may pose a threat to one’s safety.

According to the brand, the concept of using smell to repel isn’t new, but has been used in the army. However, it is the first time that it has been incorporated into everyday civilian self-defense techniques.

The Benefits of the Invi Bracelet

  • Easy to use
  • A sleek and normal design
  • Activated easily
  • Deters threatening individuals
  • Emits a gas-like smell that should be contained after application
  • Two sizes available
  • Made out of quality materials

Clearly, there are many advantages to this bracelet. Just keep in mind that it should not be opened in various areas, such as airports or planes. If one does carry the bracelet on a plane, it should be contained in an air-tight and sealed bag.

How Does the Invi Bracelet Work?

The Invi Bracelet is a unique and inconspicuous looking bracelet that many individuals will find inconsequential in determining whether to attack and that is the beauty of it. The Invi Bracelet may look normal, but it is capable of releasing a foul smell after it has been activated. The foul smell will then deter the individual from causing a further threat and the person wearing the bracelet can feel all the safer and more comfortable.

A Quality Design

Another great feature of this bracelet is that it has a high-quality design. The bracelet is made of durable material so that those who wear the bracelet can do so without worrying that it will fall off or become damaged.

Further, the activation quality of the bracelet is simple to apply – all users need to do is to break the metal capsule on the bracelet so that the foul odor can be released. Upon release, the bracelet will emit the scent and the threatening individual will go their own way. For a more detailed overview on how the design works, there is a comprehensive manual available on the brand’s website.

Invi Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in a new defense mechanism that may work well to keep one protected in precarious situations, then the Invi Bracelet may be the right solution. To learn more about this bracelet and to place an order, just visit the brand’s website today. The company ships worldwide as well.

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