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Tinnitus is when consumers’ believe he or she hears noise or ringing in the ears, but in reality it is not present. It typically occurs due to the damage experienced in sensory hair cells within one’s inner ear.

On average, it is believed that one in every five consumers’ have this problem, of which the elderly are more prone to it. What can consumers do to avoid such ringing? Is there anything that can put an end to a continuous concern? This is where Life Now Naturals Ring Ease can come of significant use.

With the use of the Ring Ease, non-existing sounds similar to buzzing, whistling or even ringing are believed to decrease over time. The following review will look closely at it with respect to its purpose, uses and ingredients list.

 What is Life Now Naturals Ring Ease?

Life Now Naturals Ring Ease has been formulated with the intentions of helping consumers’ resolve tinnitus related concerns. With constant buzzing and ringing sounds surrounding one’s ear drums, consumers are likely to be irritated and may eventually have a hard time adapting to it. Based on the claims made, the Ring Ease is made to target the main problem inducing such nuisances.

 How Does Life Now Naturals Ring Ease Work?

As previously mentioned, tinnitus can occur due to a damage caused to components within the inner ear. However, many others have concluded that it can occur in the outer and middle ear as well as one’s brain.

A common cause for such condition is when consumers are exposed to loud noises. The loud noises are said to stimulate free radicals that in turn consume on sensory hair cells and nerves.

With consistent exposure to noise, consumers are giving free radicals more opportunity to eventually bring complete damage. It is crucial to treat tinnitus because it can lead to other conditions including hearing loss, pulsatile tinnitus, and acoustic neuroma to name the least.

With Life Now Naturals Ring Ease, consumers are provided with increased antioxidants that can fortify one’s defense system to ensure that free radicals are blocked off. Furthermore, the ingredients used can potentially stimulate blood circulation to treat, heal and protect cells from unwanted exposure. To better understand in what other ways the Ring Ease works, let’s take a quick look at its ingredients’ list.

 What Can Be Said About its Key Ingredients?

The foundation of the Ring Ease is the combination of ginkgo biloba, garlic and zinc.

 Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most oldest trees in the world. It is said to contain a wide range of compounds that can stimulate blood circulation. Since tinnitus is a concern involving poor circulation, the use of ginkgo biloba can help to ease the concern. Ultimately, its antioxidants properties is what makes the Ring Ease potential in treating tinnitus.


Garlic is highly used in various cuisines and medicines. Besides its abilities to bring flavor to a cooked meal, provide immune support, prevent infections and aid in digesting food, studies have proclaimed its uses as potent in treating hearing-related concerns.

In reference to the Ring Ease, garlic is used as a blood thinner. By doing so, consumers are believed to experience improved circulation and reduced plaque buildup within the several components of the ear.


While the previous two ingredients have the potential in drastically improving one’s tinnitus state, zinc is said to reduce its annoyance as well but at a significantly lower level. It is believed that those with low levels of zinc in the body are more prone to experiencing tinnitus than those with higher levels. Hence by increasing one’s zinc levels, the severity of the condition is said to drop, however long term effects are still being speculated.

Final Thoughts on Life Now Naturals Ring Ease

Overall, Life Now Naturals Ring Ease can be valuable to one’s health in the long run. Based on the claims made by Life Now Naturals, consumers must use the Ring Ease for at most three months to experience a significant difference. This is not to say that one’s tinnitus will be completely gone, but according to the overall formula, the severity is likely to drop.

Lastly, those who take medications should consult a health practitioner prior to its uses, as combing Ring Ease can induce unwanted side effects like headaches, dizziness and stomach aches. Moreover, garlic’s role as a blood thinner might be too extreme for those taking blood thinning medication.

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