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Metabrew is a company that offers both tea and coffee, helping consumers to get balanced energy that they need to get through the day. There is no risk of crash, and the caffeine inside lasts for hours longer than the average cup of coffee or tea.

What is Metabrew?

Everyone has days when they struggle to keep their eyes open, or days when they just cannot stay focused on one topic. Most people think that a hot cup of coffee will do the job, but this brew is bitter for a lot of people. Plus, too many people run out of time in the morning, and they need something to satisfy their caffeine craving. With the METABREW brand available, consumers can get a robust flavor with better caffeine.

Much of the focus for the METABREW brand is on the use of cold-brewing processes, and the inclusion of MCT oil. Cold-brewing allows the tea leaves and the coffee beans to release more flavor over the course of hours, which ensures a more reliable source of caffeine as well. MCT oil is an entirely different (but necessary) part.

MCT oil is predominantly used to help consumers improve their metabolism. The oil comes from a healthy fat, which the liver is able to process relatively fast for energy. With that boost, consumers actually burn calories while they drink either of the beverages from METABREW, without changing a thing. Along with it is weight-loss benefits, consumers that regular consume MCT oil actually have better mental acuity and healthier digestion.

Read on below to learn about the two different drinks available.

The Metabrew Drinks

There are two products that Metabrew presently offers to consumers – the Nut-Buttered Tea and the Nut-Buttered Coffee. Each one has a collection of healthy ingredients that will benefit consumers.

In the Nut-Buttered Tea, consumers will get a cold-brewed drink, but there is no sugar or additional caffeine beyond what the natural tea has. This concoction includes:

  • Organic black tea
  • Raw cashews
  • MCT oil
  • Raw carob
  • Raw baobab
  • Bourbon vanilla
  • Monk fruit
  • Yacon syrup

In the Nut-Buttered Coffee, consumers will find a lot of the same ingredients. In fact, there are only two ingredients that it has, which the tea does not. The coffee recipe does not include bourbon vanilla, but the company adds:

  • Single-origin black coffee
  • Sea salt

To purchase either of these drinks, consumers can visit the online shop for a 6-pack of either brew for $30.00. To get a two-bottle sample pack for either flavor, consumers are looking at a total price of $10.00. At the moment, the company has a 20% off special, which includes free shipping.

If consumers find that these products have flavors that they want to keep enjoying, then they can sign up for one of the subscriptions, which offer:

  • Six bottles for $27/month
  • Ten bottles for $40/month

To eliminate the cost of shipping, consumers can even go to the company’s location directly in Manhattan, Williamsburg, or Bedstuy in New York.

Contacting the Company

Since this drink is so complex and new, consumers may be left with questions about the benefits of the drink, or even the use of it. Consumers will not be able to call the company directly, but they can send an email to

Metabrew Review Summary

Metabrew has experimented with many different concoctions to find the one with the best flavor profile for consumers. The products can be sent directly to the consumer’s door, which is much easier with participation in the subscription. There are many different brands that promise the caffeine boost, but the tea and coffee offered with this brand provide weight loss benefits that most consumers will enjoy.

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