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You are likely familiar with security systems. Whether you have that your home, your office or even if you think of the ones in shopping malls or the bank – they serve one primary function and that is to keep people safe. Knowing this, why is it that we don’t protect ourselves the same way?

Sure, there are pendants you can purchase and wear that can alert loud noises, or maybe you are someone who has considered carrying pepper spray to protect yourself. But, Occly saw a need in the market and delivered on it. They created an alarm system that works similarly to one in a home or store. It is a body camera that is equipped with a variety of features to keep you safe.

Think of an unfortunate time that you may have been in danger, even a situation in a story or news article. Chances are, if a camera had been present the risk may have been lower. Or, since dash cams have been installed in police vehicles – they have protected both the police and civilians alike.

Occly Security developed a wearable alarm system that will alert the professional 24/7 monitoring in case of an emergency. This wearable system is equipped with two way GPS communication and locating devices that allows for live streaming and auto-text alerts when you need help.

In addition to these features, the Occly Security alarm comes with the body cam alarm system, automatic threat detectors that work off sound, body motion, acceleration or impact and a belt clip that will consistently gauge your level of safety. When the devices senses that there is an issue It will automatically trigger the alarm to go off.

Who is the Occly Designed For?

In short? Everyone. Professional security officers can use this device to capture critical evidence and be able to transfer it quickly to a cloud management system for storage. They can benefit from the multi-functional panic button that will help them call for back up instantly in vulnerable situations. And, with the GPS functions being able to track movements and locations has never been easier.

Perhaps you are a civilian who is looking for extra protection or at the very least, peace of mind. With the safety features included on the Occly Security device this is ideal for you too. There should not have to be a time to have to rethink the late-night run or twenty-mile ride because of safety concerns. Allow the Occly device to have your back – when society might not.

Lastly, perhaps you are an employee that works alone or in higher risk occupations. This is a great addition to your safety when on the job. With the body sensors and two-way communication, you don’t need to feel alone out on that ledge any longer.

How to Order Occly

There are a couple different options when purchasing your own Occly Security Bodycam System.

  1. BodyCam Alarm System: $249.00 comes with four (4) camera views, text alerts and siren and LED lighting.
  2. BodyCam Alarm System: $299.00 comes with everything mentioned above plus one year of 24/7 monitoring included.

Lastly, perhaps a leasing option is what you are after and these start as low as $24.95 per month.

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