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Caring for a baby’s skin is crucial, as it is the most fragile it can ever be. While a baby’s and adult’s skin differs very little in terms of its overall functions, there are some components that can be distinguished. Simply put, a baby’s skin is much more thinner, cells are grouped loosely together and its protective components are said to be far more weaker than that of an adult’s.

Ultimately, such symptoms can lead to reduced resistance, drying and sensitivity to name the least. This is why parents must pay closer attention to what types of products are being applied as well as the ingredients embedded. Fortunately, Oilogic takes care of the confusion parents may have by providing various skincare essentials.

With the use of Oilogic, babies are believed to experience increased skin health, and a peace of mind. By eliminating any form of contaminants and toxic ingredients, Oilogic strongly believes they can bring optimal comfort.

The purpose of this review is to shed light on the notion of baby care and Oilogic to parents, especially new parents, as the type of essentials applied can positively or negatively influence a baby’s health.

What is Oilogic?

Oilogic is a line of baby essentials that have been created by a pair of moms. As mothers, both Jordan Morrow and Worth Anne Herrell, believed that their decisions can either nurture or destroy the health of a their child. By dropping treatments founded on harsh chemicals and focusing solely on essential oils, the duo were happy with not only the quality, but worried less about the potential harms that can be influenced. With over 15 years of experience within the personal care industry, Morrow and Herrell joined forces to bring Oilogic to life.

What does Oilogic Currently Offer?

Oilogic current offers various skin nourishing essentials in different mediums, which include roll-ons, vapor baths, epsom soaks, shampoo and cleansers, cream and ointments, gift sets and more. It is believed that adults too are provided with healthy and effective essentials. To better understand how a natural product differs to that of a chemically-formed, here is a quick, sample breakdown of what consumers can expect from Oilogic:

Slumber and Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On

As the name implies, the Slumber and Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On has been created to ensure babies sleep peacefully. Instead of using manmade ingredients, essential oils like Jojoba and Castor have been used. Ultimately, its uses can increase skin softness. Parents are directed to simply roll onto the back of one’s neck, chest and feet to achieve a sense of relaxation.

Stuffy Nose and Cough Vapor Bath

This respective vapor bath is believed to soothe coughs and runny noses. It claims to contain Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Orange Peel oils to name a few. Furthermore, its uses can be benefited by babies older than 6 months. While using the Stuffy Nose and Cough Vapor Bath, parents should ensure that their babies’ faces are not exposed to the formula, as it may cause irritations.

Soothing Baby Essential Oil Shampoo and Cleanser

The Soothing Baby is a multipurpose essential, as it can be used to cleanse from head to toe. It may have the potential to eliminate dry skin as well. In terms of its ingredients list, some of the essential oils included are Lavender and Chamomile oils.

Ouchies and Boo Boos Essential Oil Ointment

Ouchies and Boo Boos is a type of ointment that is believed to come in handy when it comes to treating wounds. Its key ingredient responsible for such benefits is the Sunflower Seed Oil. Ideally, parents should use it twice daily and right before applying a bandage.

Altogether, the foundation of each product is clearly a combination of essential oils. This is more likely to induce a sense of relief to parents, as such ingredients are less likely to contain any source of petroleum, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, gluten, dea, dyes, mineral oils, artificial colors and scents.

What Makes Essential Oils Beneficial?

Essential oils are beneficial because they contain a versatile list of properties that satisfy medicinal purposes. Many of the existing oils have the potential in easing skincare conditions as well as any form of wounds and scarring. In addition, each oil has a unique scent that can be used in aromatherapy to improve one’s mental and emotional healths.

Lastly, combining oils are believed to be far more effective than over-the-counter drugs, as each one can serve more than one purpose. For instance, Eucalyptus is believed to contain antiseptic properties that can prevent the attack of germs on one’s system; making it useful in healing wounds, burns, sores, and bites.

How much can Consumers expect to Invest in Oilogic?

On average, consumers can expect to invest as little as $9.99 for each essential offered by Oilogic. The set price is believed to reflect a quantity of 14grams. When purchasing in bulk, the prices might range between $17.99 and $42.50, depending on the quantity of products included.

Final Thoughts on Oilogic

Based on the analysis above, Oilogic appears to be valuable to a babies’ skin health. Not only were factors like dryness and sensitivity considered, but other common concerns like colds, coughs, bacteria, and a baby’s peace of mind have influenced every essential offered, therefore making Oilogic a rather thoughtful line for babies and kids.

The prices also reflect care, as they are provided at inexpensive rates compared to other leading brands. For more information, check out:

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