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OXiGEN is a supplement that helps consumers to improve their energy levels with increase mental alertness. This drink supports the blood vessels’ need for oxygen to promote better circulation throughout the body.

What Is OXiGEN?

Hydration is a necessary part of each person’s body, but the drinks they use make the biggest impact on how healthy the person is. Water is not the only option that consumers have nowadays, since sports drinks and smoothies provide nourishment as well. However, the creators behind OXiGEN want to create another option for consumers.

OXiGEN offers a stabilized source of oxygen in a drink that uses distilled water exclusively. While other companies try to contain O2 within a bottle, this company uses O4 to retain the nourishment. Unlike sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, consumers will not have to deal with any sugar to impact how effective OXiGEN is. There is not even any caffeine.

The purpose of OXiGEN is to support the body after a workout, but without all the junk that consumers find in every other solution. To accomplish this goal, the company offers both a drink and a shot. Both taste and appear exactly like water, but with a potent dose of oxygen for the bloodstream and the brain. Consumers will get the following benefits:

The water includes at least 400 times the amount of oxygen that tap water contains, though it is still completely pH balanced. This oxygen is not just compressed gas; it is infused in the water and will not be lost with the opening of the bottle.

The only substance inside the OXiGEN, other than the distilled water and oxygen, is sea salt. Salt contains important electrolytes that consumers require to prevent cramping and a wealth of other problems that can occur after a workout. There is no prescription required, and there is no special ordering. Consumers can get these products at some retailers, depending on their current location.

Using OXiGEN Mental Acuity Recovery Support Drink

The website does not appear to have a minimum requirement or a maximum limit that consumers can drink this beverage. However, they encourage the user to drink it after workouts as much as possible.

Purchasing OXiGEN

Consumers will not be able to make a purchase from the website directly. Instead, consumers will need to visit one of the approved retailers for the product. If purchasing from an online retailer, consumers can go straight to However, if they want to make the purchase in-store, they can enter their location information online to find the nearest facility that offers it.

One of the popular stores that carries the OXiGEN options is Albertsons’.

Contacting The Creators Of OXiGEN

Even with the information online about the OXiGEN shots and drinks, consumers may be left with other questions that they want to discuss. The customer service team can be reached by phone or email, depending on how quickly the consumer wants a response.

  • Phone number: 424-284-2177 (within US) or 604-283-1005 (within Canada)
  • Email address:

Consumers can also fill out the online form on the website to submit inquiries.

OXiGEN Summary

OXiGEN is available for the everyday consumer, the athlete, or the bodybuilder. The drink does not have to be used as a supplement or a treatment, though it helps to improve the climate of the body after physical activity. Use this drink for the boost before the work day, or to get through the lull of the afternoon. Essentially, consumers can use OXiGEN in the same way as a sports drink, but without all the calories, artificial ingredients, or sugar.

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