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About Patriot Power Greens

Americans are among some of the most patriotic people in the world. Especially, those who are in and/or support the military. So, would you trust a product that was originally formulated and endorsed by older members of the military? Chances are you answered yes to this. And we thought that is probably what you might say.

And this is one of the reasons you are being introduced to the ‘green secret’ from Patriotic Health Alliance. You see, it is not uncommon for older members of the military to need an extra little pick me up that includes some more energy. And, what is true for many seniors is the need for some assistance in regularity and ways to combat those aches and pains that we attribute to old age.

The fact that you are over 50 shouldn’t dictate your life is over – the way things are now it could mean you are only half way! Which is why it is encouraged to never stop feeling your best. We are suggesting you think beyond this ‘I’m old I should feel this way’ notion. It is not, nor should be part of the territory of growing older.

The Role Inflammation Plays in Old Age

Referring back to the I’m just old notion, is the truth that has been discovered in the medical profession is in fact ‘it’s just inflammation’. Except, there is nothing just about that! Inflammation is often the root cause for pain and aches especially in the joints.

Inflammation can also lead to difficulty in the digestive tract which in turn, can be horrible on keeping things regular, so to speak. And, what about energy? Yes, inflammation plays a role in that too. Because, when our bodies are off so are our minds – and vis versa. So, when we start at the root of the problem, the rest almost feels like magic.

We can only assume that no one ever really considered the dangerous effects of inflammation. It was a topic that was brushed aside or as mentioned above, we just attributed it to old age.

Patriot Health Alliance website shares an article published in the magazine TIME, that headlines that ‘How inflammation affects your health and robs you of your youth’. This wasn’t just a small piece either. This article spanned fourteen (14) pages which triggered a much needed response from the medical community. So, saying that inflammation does in fact play a role in aches and pains, irregularity and lack of energy – would be an understatement.

Foods that Target Inflammation

It is said, and proven, that alkaline rich foods can help fight against inflammation in the body. However, this is to the tune of five to seven servings every day. This, is easier said than done. Primarily, because it takes a lot of work and preparation to have happen. And, let’s not forget about the members of the military – fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t always common.

Keeping that number of fruits and vegetables fresh would be difficult, let alone expensive and not always readily available depending on the geographic location and climate. It is safe to say that most people do not receive the right amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets.

This, is Where Patriot Power Greens come in to the Equation

Comes in? Probably more accurate would be SHOWS UP! Because with each serving, you are receiving forty (40) different fruits and vegetables. Oh, and this happens with only one drink. Seriously, let’s take this in, with one simple drink of Patriot Power Greens, you are receiving forty (40) fruits and vegetables.

What is the Secret?

Patriot Power Greens is not a secret any longer. Why would anyone want to keep something so powerful and not to mention helpful, a secret? In each serving, you receive the power boosting benefits of forty organic fruits and vegetables, ten (10) probiotic strains and six (6) digestive enzymes.

And, the drink that is ready to mix, tastes delicious. So, you don’t need to worry about taking a pill or capsule, or blending powder into a complicated smoothie. You empty the package into water and shake it up.

There are many military officers who swear by this product which is why they needed to bring it to the masses.

The Goal With Patriot Power Greens

The goal is simple – providing consumers with relief from aches and pain, discomfort in the joints, fatigue or lack of energy and those who have difficulty sleeping. You see, all of these things contribute to overall health and wellness, so it was important to develop and deliver on a product that would cover all the bases.

What Are Others Saying About Patriot Power Greens?

Don’t just take our word for it – there are dozens of reviews available on the Patriot Greens products. Some of which are from military, active and retired, and other reviews are from people just like you or I who needed help with digestion, pain relief, sleep support and more.

Almost every review starts with being skeptical or hesitant, and every single one ends with surprised, relief, or straight up recommendations.

Getting older doesn’t mean your life is over. Everyone deserves to live life pain free and with the same energy you had in your youth. This, is why the product started in the military. The need for energy, focus and overall wellness is necessary and in some cases what keeps people alive. And, with the amazing results it continued to deliver they wanted the rest of the country to reap the benefits too!

So, if you would like to take advantage of:

And much more, visit the Patriot Health Alliance website to order your free seven (7) day sample of these greens. Yes, free. They believe in the try before you buy movement because your seven day results will be all the proof you need.

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