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Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder is a hair product that helps to cover any thinning or grayness on a range of different natural hair colors. The product is easy to apply, and comes with an incentive for an additional powder stick.

What is Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder?

Most people take pride in the appearance of their hair, but the quality of hair can suffer over the years with the various hormone fluctuations and age. Most women end up embarrassed of their hair, and put it through the use of products and different accessories that can actually stress it out more. Some people even try supplements to improve the growth of hair. However, for fast results in moments, consumers may want to consider Perfect Bella.

Perfect Bella is not meant to regrow hair, but it helps to cover up the areas where it may be thin or even gray. The remedy is resistant to sweat, so the user will not have to worry about losing the coverage through the course of the day. However, if the user notices a spot that needs touchup, the applicator is small enough to bring along in someone’s purse.

Applying Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder

To use the powder, consumers will receive a powder stick with an applicator that looks about the same as a blush brush. The user needs to press the button at the end of the stick to allow the powder to release into the brush. Then, they just brush the powder over the area that needs coverage.

This product will not permanently color the hair. Consumers will need to reapply Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder anytime that they want to have the coverage.


The base price of Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder is $19.99, with free shipping. Consumers will have the choice of:

  • Blonde
  • Light brown
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Red
  • Black

At the moment, consumers have the option to add a second powder stick for a small fee at checkout. If this product does not work for the user, they can return it to the company for a refund.

Contacting the Creators of Perfect Bella

With such a unique product, consumers may feel more comfortable with making a purchase after speaking with a customer service representative. The team is available by calling or emailing the customer service department.

  • Phone number: 1-973-287-5192
  • Email address:

Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder Conclusion

Perfect Bella is a necessity for the purse and morning routine of any woman that is concerned with the thinness of their hair. It blends with a wide range of hair colors, and can even be used to cover the darkest roots between color applications. The treatment does not have to be absorbed into the scalp, so there is no risk while using it.

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