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Deodorant, a product that most people wear every day. And, it has become more common knowledge that much of the deodorant available on the market is not good for you. This includes the different chemicals and metals that are often found inside them.

Whereas, in 2010, Jaime Schmidt wanted to make a change. She was born and raised in an entrepreneurial household and surrounded by innovators. With this experience, her fate was not much different.

She was motivated to create products that would be safe for her family, friends and others to use. This needed to incorporate health and overall wellness. So, knowing that the natural deodorant market was falling short of what people expected and desperately needed – she saw this as a challenge and one she would accept.

Natural: Changing the Way You Think

Schmidt knew, that there creating a natural product was going to be difficult. But, also knew she was not going to compromise the quality or effectiveness of her products. She was prepared to spend the necessary time and money into proper research and testing. This wasn’t meant to be a short-term solution, or bandage fix.

Jaime Schmidt was committed to this on a long haul. The formula created was effective in both neutralizing any door and helping to absorb wetness. It felt great and smelled amazing! As a result of all this, the customer demand grew exponentially.

Throughout the northwest of the United States, the Schmidts products were selling out in boutiques, co-ops, online, retail – you name it!

Benefits of Schmidts Natural Products

Aside from stating the obvious of being an all-natural deodorant, a quick glimpse at the key benefits are:

Smell Good, Feel Good

To say there are a plethora of natural deodorants to choose from, would be an understatement. Each of these are divided into categories:

  1. Signature Stick – Award-winning and seven (7) scents to choose from
  2. Sensitive Stick Formula – Smooth and Creamy, designed for sensitive skin. And, 6 scents to choose from – including an assortment package and/or travel pack
  3. Festive Holiday Deodorants – Six (6) holiday scents from snow day to holiday spice. From here to the mistletoe, you are covered!
  4. Signature Jar Formula – This is the original formula however, is packaged in sustainable glass jars. Available in six (6) scents and a signature jars 5-Pack.
  5. Deluxe Multi-Pack – In this final category, you can access all of the Schmidt Naturals products all in different packages to suit you and/or your family’s needs.

Charcoal and Magnesium

The charcoal and magnesium are new to the party. This new blend of ingredients is found in both the deodorants and the toothpastes. Where most of the deodorant sticks retail for $8.99 – this one is slightly higher at $9.99.

Still however, less than the sensitive formula marked at a retail price of $10.99.

You might agree that activated charcoal is among the trendy ingredients right now, and rightfully so. Its benefits for the skin not to mention odor, continue to prove time and time again how powerful it is.

And magnesium? One of the most powerful additions to health and wellness. It is found in countless health products and its benefits are made of a long list ranging from anti-aging, relaxation, skin conditioner and more.

How to Order Schmidts

To order any of the Schmidts Naturals products, you can do so by visiting their website. All their products are divided into easy to find categories and their pricing and benefits are crystal clear.

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