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The Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel is a product that consumers can use with Pilates routines to help them get deeper breaths, maintain the strength of the spine, and zone in on their core muscles. The product is available on the official website, but Amazon Prime shoppers can get the product with two-day shipping.

What Is The Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel?

Everyone has different ways that they get the most out of their workouts. Some people like to lift weights, while others like to rely on resistance bands. There are so many different types of equipment that helps consumers get the weight-lifting angles they want, but the Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel is for consumers that want something a little different.

The Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel was inspired by the Pilates regimen, helping consumers to open their chest for deeper breathing in their workout, and to support the natural curvature in the spine.

Along with being physiologically helpful, the barrel helps to workout the body and improve the strength of the core, the thighs, and shoulder muscles. In fact, this product is so beneficial for the body that consumers will be able to find it in the New York City studio for Romana Kryzanowska.

Read on below for more information about using the Spine Corrector Barrel.

How To Use

Consumers incorporate the barrel into a Pilates routine, since it has different angles that consumers can use to work their core muscles. The unit can be used for balancing, getting a wider chest in a workout, and to help the spine align in the right way for each formation.

Rather than offering a step-by-step procedure for every move on the website, consumers will receive information about it with their shipment. As with any kind of workout regimen, consumers need to check with their doctor to ensure that they are prepared to take on the demands of the routine. There are no supplements required, and the device is solely meant to help the user gain more strength.

Pricing Information

To get this spine-correcting device, consumers can make a purchase on Amazon for $199. However, the product is available under the Prime membership, which means that participants can get it within just two days with no additional fees.

Along with the device, consumers will receive a video that offers 20 minutes of workouts with the barrel, ensuring that the consumer completely understands what they need to do.

Contacting The Creators Of The Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel

The creator of the spine corrector is Stamina, so any questions about the actual product will need to be directed to their customer service. The team can be reached through phone call or email address.

  • Phone number: 1-800-375-7520
  • Email address:

Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel Conclusion

The Stamina Spine Corrector Barrel is useful to any consumer wants to engage in a Pilates routine that challenges their core muscles in a more intense way. There is not any electronic connection required, and consumers can follow along with the 20-minute workout video to help them get the results they want.

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