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The Stealth Tactical Flashlight is an accessory that consumers can use during outdoor excursions or emergency preparedness equipment for light or defense. The product is available with impressive discounts with higher quantities.

What Is The Stealth Tactical Flashlight?

Getting ready for any situation where someone may be without power is something that every person should do. Whether they want to go camping in the great outdoors, or they want to be ready for a natural disaster, the right gear can make an enormous difference. A flashlight is the staple of every household, but the use of a tactical flashlight, like the Stealth brand, makes a difference.

The Stealth Tactical Flashlight is so much more than just a camping accessory. According to the claims on the website, this flashlight can be used as:

  • A method to break glass, which is helpful when escaping a fire or a flooded area
  • A USB charger, to keep the user’s cell phone charged and ready to call for help
  • A bottle opener, to prevent the user from succumbing to thirst as well

Tactical flashlights are helpful in emergencies because they are comfortable to carry, but they also are weighted and helpful during defense situations. The light features three different brightness settings, and there is a strobe light to blind an attacker. If the user is seeking assistance, they can switch to the SOS setting for a strong beam of light in the air. This device actually features double the strength and thickness in the casing alone than what the typical tactical flashlight offers.

When someone makes a purchase of this Stealth Tactical Flashlight, they will receive a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which holds hours of power before requiring charging. To ensure that this battery is always ready, the user will get a charging brick. The touch casing is available in four assorted colors for consumers to choose from, including Black, Silver, Red, and Pink. The chosen color will not impact the performance of the device, but it is something for consumers to consider in regard to finding the tactical flashlight in a duffel bag or backpack.

Purchasing The Durable, Ultra Bright & Waterproof Stealth Flashlight

The cost of the Stealth flashlight will entirely depend on how many flashlights are purchased within the same order. Choose from the following quantities for the different discounts.

  • One flashlight: $47.97, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling
  • Two flashlights: $91.96, with free shipping
  • Three flashlights: $131.40, with free shipping
  • Five flashlights: $213.70, with free shipping

If the flashlight does not meet the needs of the user, or it does not function properly, the user can return the product within 30 days for a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of The Stealth Tactical Flashlight

The website does not have much information about the way that the Stealth Tactical Flashlight benefit consumers, but there is a customer service team that can help. The team is available via phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 888-978-0565
  • Email address:

Stealth Tactical Flashlight Conclusion

The Stealth Tactical Flashlight is helpful for anyone. With so many different uses, it is practically necessary for anyone that wants to prepare for the unexpected, and to defend themselves in those circumstances as well. The device is affordable, and the discount helps consumers stock up on the flashlights for the rest of the people in their party. Even if there is not a present need for a tactical flashlight, consumers can still use the basic functions to illuminate dark hiking paths and campgrounds.

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