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Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker– Most of us are in a search to find good speakers, with good performance. While purchasing a speaker we should check on some facts like its connectivity, compatibility, battery life and many more. Looking into these factors only we can decide the speaker satisfying our requirements. WaterBoom 360 is one among the best options in speakers which can provide you a better experience. The control of music, accessing and rejecting the calls are done directly by the speaker. This product is easily portable and there is no need to take much effort to operate it. Compatibility is high for this speaker, it is compatible to android and iOS devices, and works with Siri or Google assistant.

Design of this product is done for getting high quality sound at an angle range of 360 degrees. This speaker is waterproof, so it can be used wherever you want even near showers or when you go for holidays. It has good audio quality with features like better performance, good battery life and many more. WaterBoom 360 is the best among the waterproof speakers, it offers 360 degrees sound experience, features a 100 feet range. It can pair two devices simultaneously. You can submerge the speaker up to a meter of water for a time period of 30 minutes. Most of the speakers gives a good audio effect at some specific angles, but WaterBoom 360 speaker gives the user sound effect in all the angles. You can control the music from the speaker, you can skip, play or pause the songs using the speaker.

Benefits of using WaterBoom 360

There are many benefits by using Waterboom 360. This product is 100 percent user friendly and attractive due to its features. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • 360 degrees of sound effect is the main feature of this product.
  • Perfectly waterproof, so it can be used near showers, pools, beaches and during rainy days.
  • This product is dustproof, we can just remove the dirt by rinsing off.
  • Advanced sound technology is used, you get to experience advanced HD sound.
  • Water Boom 360 has a battery life of 6 hours.
  • You can accept or reject the phone calls while using this speaker.
  • Perfect Bluetooth connectivity is assured in this device.
  • WaterBoom 360 is compatible android and iOS devices.
  • You can enjoy music to its fullest with the help of this portable speaker.
  • This speaker can connect up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Mobile range for music playback on this device is up to 100 feet.
  • You can enjoy music for hours non-stop, with a brilliant sound quality and the charging time is 2.8 hours.

WaterBoom Review

How to buy WaterBoom 360?

You can directly get this speaker from the manufacturer. You can order this product online in their official website, they have many special offers which includes discounts for a limited period of time. Even free delivery is available some days, you have to do is just order it, make the payment and wait for the product to get delivered at your doorsteps.

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Why Should you Buy it?

WaterBoom 360 comes with a good customer reviews of being one among the best waterproof speakers. This product can be used anywhere like near showers, pools, during rainy days or even near muddy areas. It is dust proof, even if dirt is there in the speaker, we can clean it well by just rinsing off with water. WaterBoom 360 has a good sound quality at all ranges, around an angle of 360 degrees, and the music can also be controlled directly from the speaker. The product proves its efficiency with a better performing battery life, 6 hours of battery life is assured by the manufacturer.

Battery is recharged using micro USB cable via a micro USB port. This speaker can be paired in two devices simultaneously, it works with Siri or Google assistant and has a wireless range of 100 feet. It ensures a good Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with most of the android and iOS devices. It has no speaker phone and also it has some weak bass response as its disadvantage. But considering the good features of the speaker, it still holds a good position in the market of waterproof speakers. Buy it today from the official website!.

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