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What Is Brain Training for Dogs?

Whether you own a big dog or a small dog, a fluffy dog or a smart one, they make a huge impact in our life. Always there when we need them most, they deserve the best treatment and the ability to display the natural intelligence they each have. This is where Brain Training for Dogs can help. This programme has been carefully designed to eliminate any bad behaviours your dog may have, from barking at the door and jumping up to pulling their lead on walks and making a mess around the house… A dog owners’ worst nightmare!

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The programme has been designed by a certified dog trainer who in total spent 10 years trying and testing out these techniques on thousands of unique dogs. Rather than trying to deal with the symptoms of bad behaviour, it focuses on the deep-rooted causes of these problems, ensuring your pooch is interested in learning new behaviours whilst eradicating ones that do not serve them.  

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Who Is Brain Training for Dogs Designed For?

If you currently own a dog, or you’re considering buying a dog soon then this programme is ideal for you! Designed and tailored to all breeds of dogs, it helps to correct bad behaviour and ensure your dog behaves as they should in any environment. 

Consisting of 7 individual modules, it can help with a myriad of behaviour types from incessant barking, unnecessary chewing and digging, anxiety and general poor behaviour. Each module builds a stepping stone towards better behaviour, making use of positive reinforcement to solidify new behaviours in the mind of your furry friends. 

How Does the Program Work?

Each course module consists of several different games, training videos and tips to improve your dog’s obedience and overall behaviour. The more these tricks and games are used, the more effortless the results will become. Dogs are naturally extremely intelligent and therefore their refined motor skills will help them to quickly pick up new commands while simultaneously replacing problematic and disruptive behaviours. 


The games that have been chosen are designed to produce mental stimulation and challenge your dogs’ brain. This helps your furry friend to learn new habits through brain growth and continuously practised commands. As well as being great for your dog, the system is also extremely easy to follow. Understanding that not everyone is an expert, it has been carefully designed and worded so that dog owners can follow simple step by step instructions. As a result, it can be used by any dog owner no matter how experienced or new they may be. 

Brain Training for Dogs™ Is Now Available With A Limited Time Offer TODAY ONLY $97 $47

Brain Training for Dogs Modules

Each module builds from the past one, allowing you to create a systematic process that your dog enjoys. After all, their happiness is what matters most! Here are the training modules. 

Module 1: Preschool

Preschool helps to set the foundation for your dogs’ good behaviour. It focused on obedience and developing a strong relationship between owner and dog. It will show you the fundamental ways in which you can gain your dog’s attention, how you can communicate effectively with them as well as using your eye contact to send messages. Using a reward-based system, when done correctly it provides a foundation in which all other behaviours can be learnt from. 

Module 2: Elementary School

After you have completed your foundation training, your dog can ‘graduate’ to module two. This module focuses on your dog’s skills and senses and how they can be used in accordance with your commands. There are several games you can play in this module that promotes your dog using their instincts such as the ‘treasure hunt game’ the ‘muffin game’ and the ‘ball pit game’, all of which stimulate your dog’s brain and thus increases their enthusiasm towards the activities. 

Module 3: High School

As your dog begins to utilize their natural brainpower, they can advance to ‘high school’. This module teaches them the skill of patience and in particular the ability to use patience to control natural impulses through fun, enjoyable games. The ‘bottle game’ focuses on mental stimulate during light exercise and the ‘Bobbing for treats’ game will use positive reinforcement in the form of treats to reinforce positive behaviours. 

For example, the ‘Jazz up and settle down’ game will help your dog to calm down after playing games or going on a walk. 

Module 4: College

High school has been a success and now it’s time to advance to college! College is designed to focus on the development of your dog’s physical motor skills. Consisting of 3 unique games; the ‘Shell Game’, the ‘Open Sesame Game’ and the ‘Magic Carpet Game’, you will help them to build up mental agility, patience and dexterity through fun, enjoyable activities. 

Module 5: University

By module 5, your dog will have built up their foundational skills and will be more than ready to advance to the next level. As their intelligence increases, you can now begin to enjoy more complex activities with your furry friend. These include hide and seek which improves the bond and trust between you and your dog, as well as reduce anxiety. This module also focused on reducing unwanted barking (often causes by anxiety) by boosting confidence and overall learning ability. 

Module 6: Graduation

Now is the time to celebrate! After hard work and countless hours of fun and games, module 6 will solidify your dog’s ability to obey commands using their nurtured motor skills and intelligence.

You can begin solidifying their name recognition, ability to follow movement as well as advanced leg-weaving to impress friends and strangers alike!

Module 7: Einstein

So, now your pooch has graduated, its time for them to become a genius! This module provides you with the opportunity to teach your dog impressive activity such as tidying up after playing with toys, stacking rings and even playing the piano (you read that right!).

On top of this, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy additional tricks such as:

  • Taking a Bow
  • Covering Eyes (‘Shame on You’)
  • Dancing
  • Shaking hands
  • Howling
  • Playing dead
  • Rolling over

With so much to learn and so many exciting games and activities to enjoy, you and your furry friend will bond on a whole other level. Buy the Brain Training for Dogs™ programme today and discover how you can change your dog’s behaviour forever!


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